Succesfull submissions must:

(1) Meet the mandatory submission requirements. 

(2) Meet the requirements set out in each prize category. Please direct your questions to the categories dedicated discord channel. 

(3) OPTIONAL - Include links to additional submissions. These are not required but will make the submission more competitive.  



You can build any sort of project that leverages blockchain technology. Eligible submissions must meet/include the following criteria: 

  • A White Paper*, Prototype** and/or Proof-of-Concept*** (e.g., MVPs) + Description. Some prizes require just a white paper, whereas others require protoypes and multiple submissions. See below for the criteria.
  • A link to a short (max 5 minutes) video introducing the project, it's use case and functionality.
  • Meet the requirements for each applicable prize category. Head over to the Submission Requirements tab on Devpost to learn more.
  • Submissions and their content must be in English
  • Meet the Devpost deadline.

Note: some ideas take longer to build then others. A working prototype and/or Proof-of-Concept is usually preffered, but if you cannot build it by the deadline then we encourage you to still submit the detailed white paper as it will often be considered. Just make sure to blow the judges away! 

*White Paper: An eligible white paper submission must include the following: an introduction, analysis of the market, project description, technical architecture and features, token information (if applicable), business model and user acquisition plan, team information, roadmap and future goals. 

**Prototype + Description: An eligible prototype + description submission must include a link to the projects GitHub/Repository with source code and a link to a live demo. You must also include a description (on Devpost)or a white paper/light paper PDF to introduce the project. If your repository is private, please share the access details with the event organizer.

***POC + Description: An eligible POC + Description must include a link to the MVP and a description (on Devpost) or white paper/light paper PDF to introduce the project. If the MVP is private, please share access with the hackathon's organizer. If the MVP is private, please share access details with the event organizer.



Build a Polkadot Parachain - Hosted by the Web3 Foundation 

Projects must look to build a custom blockchain that could one day become a parachain on Polkadot or Kusama. Eligible submissions must use Substrate and be built for the Polkadot and/or Kusama ecosystems. Working prototypes are required for the 1st & 2nd place prizes, whereas the 3rd place prize requires only a white paper. 

Building DeFi for the Masses - Hosted by Terra powered by LUNA

The project must build an application on top of the Terra blockchain. Whitepaper + prototypes (e.g., MVPs) or PoCs are required for eligibility for the reward. Projects need to use Terra assets (e.g., UST, mAssets, ANC, etc.) in a meaningful way.

Climate Neutral NFTs on NEAR - Hosted by NEAR Protocol 

Projects must build NFT related applications on top of the NEAR Protocol blockchain, a fast, low cost and climate neutral blockchain where you can set up a fully featured NFT Marketplace and React App in 5 minutes. A working prototype and/or Proof of Concept are preffered.

Oracles | Decentralized Data, External Computation, and Empowering your Smart Contracts Beyond the Chain - Hosted by Chainlink

Projects must use Chainlink to make some sort of state change on a blockchain. Using Chainlink Data Feeds, Chainlink VRF, Chainlink API Calls, Chainlink Keepers, External Adapters, or anything from the documentation qualifies. 

Build for Scalability using Polygon - Sponsored by Polygon

Projects must build on top of the Polygon Network. Eligible submissions can look to build in DeFi, NFT, Gaming, and Polygon Tooling. A working Proof-of-Concept is preffered to just a protoype or white paper. For further details please review this document

Build a Consumer Digital Asset - Sponsored by The XDB Foundation

Projects must use the DigitalBits blockchain to create applications that can leverage consumer digital assets to support big brands integrating the blockchain into their existing business processes. Working prototypes are required for the 1st & 2nd place prizes, whereas the 3rd place prize requires only a white paper. 

Tokens and beyond on Tezos - Sponsored by the Tezos Foundation

Projects must be built on top of the Tezos blockchain, be open source (MIT license) and deployed live on the Florence testnet. Submissions must list the addresses of their token contracts. Working Prototypes / Proof of Concepts are preffered, but will consider all eligble submissions.

Blockchain Gaming - Sponsored by Animoca Brands

Projects must think of a new blockchain game or bring new value to existing games and networks.  A working proof of concept and/or prototype is preffered, but a white paper will also be consindered. Competitive white papers will contain visuals in addition to a thorough explanation of the technical concept. 

Build an Treasury Supported Currency Application - Sponsored by AXIA Network

Projects must look to build applications that add additional utility to the axia currency and that drive user growth or transaction velocity to the network. 

Metaverse Build Competition - Sponsored by Decentraland

Projects must leverage the MANA digital asset into an application that drives value to Decentraland and the open metaverse and / or build interesting new experiences that can be deployed in Decentraland.

Best Netbox.Browser Extension - Sponsored by Netbox Global

Projects must build an extension for Netbox.Browser that would contribute additional value to it and provide its users with some useful crypto related experience.



Bonus points if you submit the following: 

  • A project post on Medium introducing the project, it's use case and objects, team members, roadmap etc.  
  • Market survey data.
  • Powerpoint or pitch deck.
  • Online websites and social communites (as an example of what they would create).