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over 2 years ago

Upcoming Workshops for the Next Top Blockchain Startup


I hope this email finds you well! For those who have recently joined the hackathon, my name is Conor McNamee and I'm one of the primary organizers with GDA Capital. You contact me directly by replying to this email or on Telegram @conrmc.

  We have just under 3 weeks left until the August 8th deadline for submissions.    If you haven't done so already, please join the hackathon discord where you can introduce yourself, find teammates and mentors in the dedicated channels. You can find all the mentors & their handles here:   Upcoming Workshops  
  1. Business in Blockchain - Business Models, Use Case & Value Proposition 
Date/Time: July 23, 12PM EDT  Speaker: Gaurav Dubey, CEO of TDeFi Crypto. Accelerator  RSVP: click here.           2. Pitching, Raising Funds & Picking the Right Investors and Partners    Date/Time: July 24, 12PM EDT  Speakers:  - Joaquim Miro, SVP of Growth at GDA Capital  - Paul Saint-Donat, Program Manager at dlab  - Henrik Rasmussen, Head of Investor Relations at TDeFi RSVP: click here         3. Crypto Exchanges: Getting Your Project Listed and Mainnet Integrations   Date/Time: July 26 @ 2PM EDT Speaker: Chad Liang, Head of Listing at BitMart RSVP: click here.         4. White Paper Workshop   Date/Time: July 27 @ 2PM EDT Speaker: Will Bartlett, Head of Research at GDA Capital  RSVP: click here.



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum. You can also contact me directly on Telegram @conrmc or reach out in the Discord.