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over 2 years ago

Workshops for Crypto Start-Ups This Friday & Saturday


It's Conor McNamee (Telegram @conrmc) from the Next Top Blockchain Startup. This is a reminder to join the upcoming crypto start-up workshops this week (Friday & Saturday) and next! You can find the details below: 


1. Business in Blockchain - Crypto Business Models, Use Case & Value Proposition 

Date/Time:  Friday, July 23 @ 12PM EST 

Speaker: Gauruv Dubey, CEO of TDeFi Crypto Accelerator 

RSVP: here

2. Pitching, Raising Funds & Picking the Right Investors/Partners

Date/Time:  Saturday, July 24 @ 2PM EST 


- Joaquim Miro, SVP of Growth at GDA Capital

- Paul Saint-Donat, Program Manager at dlab 

- Henrik Rasmussen, Head of Investor Relations at TDeFi 

RSVP: here

3. Crypto Exchanges: Getting Your Project Listed and Mainnet Integrations

Date/Time:  Monday, July 26 @ 2PM EST 

Speakers: Chad Liang, Head of Listing at BitMart 

RSVP: here

3. White Paper Workshop

Date/Time:  Tuesday, July 27 @ 2PM EST 


- Will Bartlett, Head of Research at GDA Capital

- Akshay Sood, White Papers & Tokenomics at GDA Capital 

RSVP: here

As always, feel free to respond directly to this email or reach me on Telegram @conrmc or in the official Discord.