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over 2 years ago

Winners of Each Category!

Hi everyone! 

I have posted the winners for each category in the Discord chat! But for those who aren't in it, please see below! 

Congratulations to all the winners & everyone who took part in this hackathon! Regardless of prize, everyone built some really epic stuff and you should not only be proud of that, but continue to build after this hackathon. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the prizes. Please dm me on TG @conrmc or email  I will be reaching out to the winners directly. 


Open Innovation Grand Prize - Hosted by GDA Ventures, Future Tech & BitMart 

1st Place ($15,000) - White Whale

Twitter: @WhiteWhaleTerra

2nd Place ($7,500) - The Convo Space

Twitter: @0xConvo

Runners-up: HypeX, Coopart, El Libertador, Parcel 


Build a Polkadot Parachain - Hosted by the Web3 Foundation 

1st Place ($5,000) - GameDAO

Twitter: @gameDAOco

2nd Place ($3,000) - Make it Reign

3rd Place ($2,000) - Cadaver


Building DeFi for the Masses - Hosted by Terra, Powered by LUNA 

Winner ($5,000) - Cassandra

Winner ($5,000) - White Whale

Twitter: @WhiteWhaleTerra

Honorable mention - El Libertador 


Climate Neutral NFTs on NEAR - Hosted by NEAR 

1st Place ($4,000) - Kord

2nd Place ($2,000) - Buy me a Coffee

3rd Place ($2,000) - HypeX


Oracles | Decentralized Data, External Computation & Empowering Your Smart Contracts Beyond the Chain - Hosted by Chainlink 

Winner ($1,000): The Convo Space

Twitter: @0xConvo

Winner ($1,000): NFTraffle


Build for Scalability Using Polygon - Hosted by Polygon

1st Place ($3,000) - PolyShield

Twitter: @TeamPolyshield

2nd Place ($2,000) - Seventise

3rd Place ($1,000) - Bridge Network


Build a Consumer Digital Asset - Hosted by The XDB Foundation 

1st Place ($10,000) - Toco

2nd Place ($7,500) -

3rd Place ($2,500) - Tokens as a Service


Tokens and beyond on Tezos - Hosted by Tezos

1st Place ($7,500) - Baking Potato

2nd Place ($5,000) - Libretez


Best Social Impact Project - Hosted by Bybit 

1st Place ($5,000) - El Libertador

2nd Place ($2,500) - Jam Token

Shoutout: HypeX 


Best Blockchain Gaming Project - Hosted by Animoca Brands

Winner ($3,000): HypeX

Runners-up: Dogami, Crypto Revolution & Crypto11


Metaverse Build Competition - Hosted by Decentraland 

Winner (1 parcel of LAND): The Convo Space

Twitter: @0xConvo


It's been an absolute pleasure getting to meet most of you and learning about your awesome ideas! Please don't be shy and reach out whenever.